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Yamaha VR46 Collection

Yamaha VR46 fleece

Yamaha VR46 Collection
Yamaha VR46 fleece

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Yamaha VR46 sweatshirt inspired by the M1 in 2019 version. Cotton and polyester, full zip and 2 front pockets. On the chest a large number 46 and Yamaha Factory Racing graphics

Composition: 75% Cotton ; 25% Polyester

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Product code: YDMFL362209

Size Chart
Half chest width Lenght Shoulder width
XS 47 cm 69 cm 43,5 cm
S 50 cm 71 cm 45 cm
M 53 cm 73 cm 46,5 cm
L 56 cm 75 cm 48 cm
XL 59 cm 77 cm 49,5 cm
XXL 69 cm 80 cm 51,5 cm
XXXL 67 cm 83 cm 53,5 cm

Centimeters Inches