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VR46 classic Collection

20 Years Pista GP R Helmet

VR46 classic Collection
20 Years Pista GP R Helmet

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Agv Pista GP R, evolution of the groundbreaking Pista GP, the Moto GP helmet, is the most protective helmet ever developed. Perfect combination of protection, performance and comfort, the 3 key pillars of the AGV Extreme Standards development protocol, Pista GP R offers increased field of vision through the introduction of Race 3 Max Pinlock, a Class 1 Optic visor with 100% Max Vision Pinlock (120) and is characterized by a new-patented Visor Lock System (VLS). Aerodynamic performance has been improved thanks to the new wind-tunnel-tested Biplano rear spoiler, while comfort benefits from a new patented interiors structure and an implemented Integrated Ventilation System (IVS). Pista GP R is the first helmet to include a hydration system, featuring internal channels and a drinking valve placed inside the chin area

Composition: 100% Carbon-Aramid-Glass Fibre

Also found in: VR|46 Classic Helmets AGV
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Product code: AGM1H304203