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VR46 classic Collection

VR46 Corsa R helmet

VR46 classic Collection
VR46 Corsa R helmet

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Designed to ensure top performance on the track, takes on the characteristics of the track GP R, but with a shell made from glass-carbon fiber with adjustable air vents and comfortable and snug interior. The Stroke R is designed to ensure high performance on the track, taking up most of the top features of GP Track range R, but with a shell made of glass-carbon fiber with adjustable air vents. The new construction of the interior ensures a perfect fit and free of pressure, while the reversible and patented headphones are composed of two different materials, allowing the riders to choose between the hot side and the cool depending on the conditions or personal preferences. The nose guard and wind protection are included, and the integrated ventilation system (IVS) has vents in the increased flow areas.

Composition: 100% Carbon-Aramid-Glass Fibre

Also found in: VR|46 Classic Helmets AGV
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Product code: AGM1H287604