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Registration and Orders

Creation of your personal account

Before purchasing a garment from, you can create your personal account by filling out the registration form.

Please enter your password to access the reserved area. At the end of the registration procedure, you will receive a confirmation email with all your access data.

Your reserved area

From this section you will be able to modify your personal data, check the processing status of your order and control the status of your shipment. If you lose your access data, you must follow this link to get a new password.

Modification and cancellation of your account

You can modify your registration data at any moment, but only after entering your reserved area. You can also request the cancellation of your account after sending a request to our customer service.

Product availability

Everything you see at is in stock. By selecting the garment you prefer and entering its specific chart, you will see its characteristics. Each garment is made and sent in tailor-made boxes that are created to keep our products in perfect condition.

Purchase a product

To purchase a product, you will have to select it from the catalogue and add it to your “shopping bag”. Now you can continue navigating in the site to choose other garments or carry out the payment. We want to remind that you can buy maximum 10 products per order. If you want to buy more products of the same type, modify the amount of the chosen products directly from your shopping bag. If the quantity you require is not available, a warning message will appear.

The purchase containing customized items can be made with Credit Card only.

Complete an order

To complete an order, you will have to follow all the purchasing phases. After confirming the contents of your shopping bag, choose the payment method and continue. Please read the page Payment and Securityto know all the payment methods accepted by VR|46.

After successfully completing the procedure, you will receive a confirmation email that will also display your order in detail.

Modify an already sent order

You can modify an already completed order only until it is in “waiting” status. Once the order is processed, its content cannot be modified, but it can be cancelled.

Execution time of the order

The orders will be executed in 24/48 hours from their reception. Please remember that does not send goods during week-ends and bank holidays.

In case of orders containing customized products, the times required to execute the order may take up to 8 working days with respect to orders containing only standard products.